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Great article! Everything you said here is so true. We must make a conscious effort to be happy and serve or do our jobs with a happy, grateful heart. Tough job to do, but it's the only way to go! ~

Maria Palma

You hit it on the nose with this one! This pretty much sums up all the core values of customer service and how everybody should act no matter what profession they're in...

Thanks for sharing ;)

Todd Hansen

Great post! It really speaks to a lot of what we focus on with our clients. It's good to see there are like-minded people out there that are really pushing for excellence in a (sometimes) very difficult line of work.


"Customer Service and Happiness"
This post is so true. Long ago when I was in the IT industry, the first thing I did when I assumed the position of managing a customer service team was to slowly remove people who obviously are not happy. I have to personally interview applicants over the phone for customer service associates just to determine in their tone and voice quality if this person is happy even before I let them step into my office for a final interview. I then ask them questions to determine the quality of their relationships (this is very good way of at least approximating a happy person as against a not-so-happy one). It is very hard to train a "not-so happy" person in even the most basic procedures in engaging customers or establishing rapport. The job in customer service is highly stressful for people who are not inherently happy. Unhappy people are not too good staying in jobs that interact with people.

Your profile of happy people is true, that is happy people:

Have self-control
Are grateful
Have good social relationships, supportive friends and family
Have an adequate income
Have respectable jobs, and
Have a philosophy that provides meaning to their lives.

Customer Service Voodoo

Great post! Customer Service is an integral part of every company and will not be leaving us in the immediate future. For those of us that embrace it, it leads to a long and prosperous career path.

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